If you would like for me to create this effect with a personal picture or create a video for you and add it to the gallery, follow the instructions below:

1. Email webmaster@hiddencolors.com (with the following information)
2. Attach the picture you want to use into the email.
3. Include in the email your Name and name you want for the webspace of this picture or video.
(i.e. www.hiddencolors.com\ _______ ) The blank line is the space where this name will go.
4. Include a caption or message you want to have above the picture or in the video. Some ideas might be to send a message to someone in a unique way or advertise your website or Myspace page link.
5. Please include your Name or PayPal username so I know where the donation came from. Thank you!

I will take your picture and apply this effect to it. I will upload it to the specified webspace name you chose and email you a link to the picture or video.

I provide this service on a donation system. Click on the buttons below to donate any sum of money. Send me your email with attached photo and information specified above. Please bear with me, I do these in my spare time so it may take a couple days to get it completed. I will email you a link to the photo or video and send you the code to embed it into your own website or Myspace page when completed. Thousands of people visit this site daily, so think of it as cheap advertisement for your site and remember to donate accordingly. Thank you.